• AMG old students give AMG gift of Rs. 1.00 lakh.

    Madasu Murali and Gopi are brothers, hail from Kancharagunta village in Durgi Mandal and studied in AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta. They acknowledge that their education in AMG High School has inculcated values of life and gave them a positive attitude…

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  • Kerala Flood Relief

    The Bible says,' do not forget to do good and to share with others.' AMG Staff and Students raised Rs, 4,00,000/- for the victims of Kerala with which we were able to distribute 1000 school bags to school children & differently abled children. It…

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  • Teachers’ day Celebrations

    AMG Management and School and College students celebrated Teachers Day today. September 5th –Birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, former President of India, is celebrated as the Teachers Day, acknowledging the great contribution of Teachers in training t…

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  • Awareness camp conducted by AMG staff.

    AMG Staff in Chilakaluripeta conducted an Awareness camp on Value of Education, Parental Responsibility and Moral Values & Ethics in deichmann nagar, Chilakaluripeta. It is unfortunate that even after 70 years of Independence and lot of development…

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  • Rehabilitation Helps given to Blind &PLWHA persons.

    AMG is helping the Blind and PLWHA persons to build their self-confidence and give courage to the PLWHA persons and guide them motivate them and help them to become self-sustainable persons, earning their livelihood and taking care of their families,

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  • Degree College students gift Rs. 10,000/- to AMG

    AMG Degree college students raised Rs. 10,000/- among themselves and gifted to AMG appreciating AMG services for the poor and needy and said they will continue to remember their days in AMG Degree College, where they not only study their regular syllabus…

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  • Rehabilitation helps to Visually Handicapped/ Leprosy/PLWHA persons

    AMG has given Rehabilitation helps to 24 Visually Handicapped/ Leprosy Victims/ PLWHA persons, to do business and earn income for themselves and for family needs. Our Donors Wort & Tat, Germany, have encouraged us to help these marginalized persons…

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  • One day workshop for AMG HMs and Teachers.

    One day workshop, for AMG HMs and senior Teachers from all AMG Schools, was conducted at Visakhapatnam. We invited Mr. Nirmal Kennedy, Management Consultant from Chennai for conducting the workshop. The HMs and the senior Teachers were very happy to learn…

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  • Motor for Sewing machine given to Polio affected woman

    In order to help and encourage and empower one Polio affected woman to become self-sustainable and settle in life, without becoming a burden on another person, Bujji a Polio affected woman approached AMG Director to help her with a Motor for her Sewing…

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  • Support Cheques given to On-Job-Training ITI students.

    With a view to provide on the machines in real time, AMG is helping the completed ITI students to get real-time first-experience through On-job-Training in the nearby mills/factories. We are paying them monthly support for their stay and food for one…

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  • AMG High school students given Dictionaries.

    AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta 10th Class students were given Dictionaries to help them to help them improve their English knowledge. These children come from normal families from villages, where they do not get much exposure to spoken and written English.

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  • MCR chappals and Monthly Rations given to Leprosy victims

    Monthly Rations and MCR chappals were distributed to Leprosy victims in Ongole and Kandukuru areas. These sick and physically weak persons were grateful to AMG and to the Donors Wort & Tat, Germany for showing Christian compassion and making the poor…

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  • Parents visit AMG School children.

    Parents of the children staying in AMG Hostels visit their children on 2nd Saturday of a month when the Government has declared as holiday. It is a festive occasion for both the children and the parents, as they meet after some days and spend time together.

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    We are thankful to God Almighty for the New Year 2018, which is a blessing and an opportunity god has given to each one of us, to serve the poor and needy around us and glorify God’s name. New Year in AMG began on a happy note. Former AMG stude…

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  • One Family donates Rs. 50,000/- to AMG.

    Mr. Subba Rao a small Christian businessman family donated Rs. 50,000/- in memoryto AMG, in support of AMG services for the poor and needy children and persons, without any discrimination of Caste, Creed or Religion. We thank the family members for their…

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  • Former AMG student Saraswati gifts Rs. 10,000/- to AMG.

    Vemula Saraswati, comes from Piduguralla Lime quarry/ Kiln area and studied in AMG School, Piduguralla and thereafter continued her studies in AMG High school, and Junior College, Chilakaluripeta. Later she studied B. Pharmacy with AMG support. Now, she…

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  • Christmas Celebrations in AMG, Chilakaluripet

    We are grateful to God and thankful to our Donors for their kind support for conducting Christmas and distributing Bundles of Love to all AMG Beneficiaries and other poor people. This gives us an opportunity to remember the poor and needy people, who…

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  • Christmas Celebrations in all AMG Schools

    We are grateful to God and thankful to our Donors for their kind support for conducting Christmas and distributing Bundles of Love to all AMG Beneficiaries and other poor people. This gives us an opportunity to remember the poor and needy people, who…

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  • Financial Help given to AMG student.

    Jaswanth, son of a Gas stove repairer from Gajuwaka on the outskirt of Visakhapatnam, was admitted in AMG High School, Bheemili, in 2010, in class 6th. He completed 10th grade in 2015, with 9.3 GPA. He secured high marks in 10th grade and was admitted…

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  • Borewell with connecting soakpit inaugurated by AMG Director

    With the intention to recharge the underground water pumped out by a borewell, AMG and its Partner Organization Wort & Tat, Germany, decided to construct a soakpit in the vicinity of the borewell, so that the future generations will also not face…

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  • Financial Help for completion of Sanitary Toilets.

    When we look back, till recently, it was common thing in villages in India that people did not have Toilets at home and used to go to the village pond or nearby rivulets/ canals for their toilet needs. But this was polluting the environment and causing…

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  • Education helps given to AMG School Chilakaluripeta students

    Education Helps and Supports were paid to former students of AMG High School, Chilakaluripeta, who completed their school in Chilakaluripeta school and are pursuing higher studies/ Technical/ Professional courses in outside colleges and universities.

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  • Nehru Yuva Kendra Team visits AMG Prem Vihar campus.

    Government recruits some young men and women and trains them about Government schemes and health schemes and sends them to villages to create awareness among the villagers about different government schemes for the welfare of poor and needy persons. As…

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  • MR Vaccine given to AMG School Chilakaluripeta children.

    Measles & Rubella vaccination was done to all AMG children below 15 years, as part of Government movement to prevent children from being attacked by Measles and Rubella diseases. Medical officers from Government administered the vaccine dose to children.

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  • Procession for Cleanliness.

    AMG Junior College and Degree College students and other local School/ College students organized a Rally in Chilakaluripeta to create awareness on Cleanliness in the society. This procession was organized by the Chairperson and Commissioner, Chilakaluripeta…

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About Us

Evg. Dr. S. John David, Founder, worked for up-lifting the living conditions of poor people Socially and Economically oppressed and backward persons. As a result of his selfless services, many lakhs of people rebuilt their families.

Who We Are

AMG India International is a registered Christian Social Service Organization, established in 1968, by Evg. Dr. S. John David. AMG stands for 'Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel'. AMG is providing services to the poor, needy people.

Vision & Mission

VISION:- Showing Christ's compassion to the Poor and Needy People.
MISSION:- To help the poor and needy children at risk and marginalized communities irrespective of Caste, Creed or Religion and to create opportunities to develop their potential to become self– reliant and self– sustainable individuals.

Our Goal

Holistic development of BODY, MIND & SOUL, of Poor, Needy, Destitute and Sick persons and Children in Slums and Villages, to help them break the cycle of poverty.



Our Motto

Empowering the Poorest of the Poor to become Self-Sustainable and Live with Human Dignity

President & Director

President & Director
President & Director

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Education & Sports

We are providing free education to poorest of the poor students through schools and colleges. Inside the class rooms we inpart best teaching and ourside we encourage the students to participate in Games and Sports. As a result students have got multiple Prizes, Awards and Rewards in District, State and National Level....

Success Stories

Students who studied in AMG Schools, Colleges have settled in their lives and doing better jobs in India and around the World. We thank God for those people who are contributing their Talents and Skills for the betterment of the society....


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